It’s all straw!

I know very little about Thomas Aquinas but what I know I like. And I intend to know more.

To me he is best known for being one of the most brilliant minds of all time such that the theology of the Catholic church is still based on his writings. Near the end of his life he endeavored to write Summa Theologica, (the summation of all Theology but I’m sure you figured that out). His great work was left incomplete because he stopped all writing following a religious experience. He said “All that I have written seems to me like straw compared to what has now been revealed to me.”

It’s just a reminder to us in the blog-o-sphere. If Aquinas’ gold was straw what is our straw? Even so, we should still offer our straw to the master, it’s all we have.

I lifted this from .

According to Chesterton’s biography, one day a friar in an jovial mood made fun of him by claiming that there was a flying ox. When Thomas went over to the window to look, his classmates burst into laughter. To them came the calm response: “It is better to believe that an ox can fly than to think that you can lie.”

Caesar’s wife and preachers of the gospel must be above suspicion.

love you


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