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Due to a crossword puzzle clue, I just learned that the Latin word for Ì` is ego. Now I see the word egotistical in a new light. A person who is ego-tistical is I-tistical. Of course words usually take on … Continue reading

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Pagans really bug me

Over the years I’ve picked up some anti-christian apologetical statements that sort of bothered me. This is my angry screed on the topic. The anti-Christians will say that We can discount the nativity stories about Jesus because Abraham also had … Continue reading

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Jews for Judaism

I just found a web site called Jews for Judaism. The point of the site is to point out why Jesus was not the Messiah. I didn’t read the whole site so maybe the author or authors addressed my question … Continue reading

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What is the Bible all about? First things First.

Back on April 2nd I asked ‘what is the Bible all about’.  There is a theme I believe but first some honesty.  I would like to think that I’m an original thinker, highly creative, maybe even a genius.  The problem is that … Continue reading

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Warning to Christian Woman: Good Preachers make bad husbands

Do you remember Mad magazine’s ‘snappy answers to stupid questions’? I remember them well because I didn’t think they were very funny. There was one cartoon that showed a man walking from his house to his car with a golf bag and … Continue reading

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