Don’t write a check to any Christian Ministry that is named after a person unless that person is Jesus.

Christian Teacher    Ministry Name
Albert Mohler     
Alistair Begg               Truth for Life
Billy Graham              Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Chuck Swindoll‎          Insight for living
James Dobson            Focus on the Family
Joel Osteen                 Joel Osteen Ministries
John MacArthur        Grace to You
John Piper                  Desiring God
Josh McDowell           Josh McDowell Ministry
Joyce Meyer               Joyce Meyer Ministries
Mark Dever                9Marks
Paul Washer               Heart Cry Missionary Society
Ravi Zacharias            Ravi Zacharias International
Rick Warren      
R.C. Sproul                  Ligonier Ministries

I looked up a well known evangelist and then followed the ‘people who looked up that also looked up this’ links. The list is not exhaustive but representative. It is sad to see how many names are on both sides of the table.

It is my deeply held opinion that anyone who purports to know scripture well enough that they are qualified to teach should know why they should not me naming a ministry after themselves. I understand the business reasons for naming a ministry after a person. The business reasons are sound and strengthen exponentially with the fame of the person. It is the spiritual reasons that are wrong and they do not become less wrong in a good cause.

This is not the sort of activity that you can stop by complaining. People who teach tend to have a very high opinion of their own opinions. You know that expression ‘it takes one to know one’. Well I’m one so I know. Just don’t write the check. With time the ministries who glorify Christ will prosper and the ones who glorify an individual will wither.

Feel free to send more examples Christian teachers and their ministries.

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