Does the name of your Mission Glorify Christ?

Christian Teacher    Ministry Name
Albert Mohler     
Alistair Begg               Truth for Life
Billy Graham              Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Chuck Swindoll‎          Insight for living
James Dobson            Focus on the Family
Joel Osteen                 Joel Osteen Ministries
John MacArthur        Grace to You
John Piper                  Desiring God
Josh McDowell           Josh McDowell Ministry
Joyce Meyer               Joyce Meyer Ministries
Mark Dever                9Marks
Paul Washer              Heart Cry Missionary Society
Ravi Zacharias            Ravi Zacharias International
Rick Warren      
R.C. Sproul                  Ligonier Ministries

Albert Mohler and Rick Warren – I have some sympathy for people who put their name into an internet name. They want to be found easy and in someway it is even modest. It is much less pretentious than something like ‘saving the world’ dot com or some such. It is a way of saying ‘it’s just me and my little old ministry here’. They are still missing a chance to bring glory to Jesus.

Billy Graham – I have a lot of sympathy for the Billy Graham people. Billy Graham is so famous that passing on the advertising potential of the name is just too difficult. However they are still losing the opportunity to preach the gospel with the name. They are also going to have a problem with time. In future board meetings are people going to win arguments by saying ‘that is not what Billy Graham would do’. The question is always WWJD.

Josh McDowell and Ravi Zacharias  – Josh McDowell Ministry is almost okay in a ‘it’s just me here’ sort of way. Ravi Zacharias International sounds pretentious to me but I will grant him that using his own name is a quick way of say ‘Christianity is not just for Europeans’ and the international part helps him appeal in the non-western world.

My favorite names are: Alistair Begg – Truth for Life, Chuck Swindoll‎ -Insight for living, John Piper -Desiring God and Paul Washer -Heart Cry Missionary Society.

Honorable mention goes to James Dobson and R.C.Sproul. Focus on the Family does not by itself bring glory to Christ but I think that is intentional. I think he means to appeal to non-Christian family people also. Ligonier Ministries is modest. It is a way of saying ‘we are so modest we don’t even want to claim that we are serving Christ with our name’.

My least favorite are Joyce Meyer Ministries and Joel Osteen Ministries. Ministries? Really? One is not enough? Golly, You must be all that and a bag of chips!

Mark Dever  – 9Marks: I don’t know what to make of that name. Is it named after yourself or not. Points for originality though.

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