An example of everything that has ever been wrong with Christianity for the last 1983 (approximately) years.

I got this rant from the face book page of an evangelical preacher. I know him personally though not well. As far as I can tell, he is intelligent, knowledgeable and, by any measure available to mere mortals, he is a genuine Christian and a genuine good person. And yet his thoughts have been captured by the spirit of our times. There is nothing new about that. From the time that Jesus was beamed up until the present day followers of Christ have been trying to make Christ’s message reflect what they already believe. If you have ever wondered how ‘real’ Christians could have done all those bad things that the anti-Christians are always taunting us with, this is how it happens.

In the quote that follows the preacher says that farmers should have the right to save seeds. The seeds contain the intellectual property of Monsanto and a condition of using the seeds once is that Monsanto must be paid each time their property is used. The farmers who are saving seeds to grow next year’s crop are breaking patent law and contract law. How does a Christian justify such sin? By using the world’s thinking.

The quote

“ Almost late enough to post a rant about Monsanto. Wish I didn’t have friends who work there. Just saying that no corporation should be able to control seed distribution, the farmers right to save seeds, or the food supply chain… (stuff left out for brevity. You can find it if you really want to read it.) …..Frankly speaking free markets and true capitalism hasn’t existed in our countries for at least 100 years.

• “No Corporation” If you are trying to justify bad behavior it helps to de-personalize the victim. In this case calling the victim a corporation. Corporations are owned by people and it is from them that the stealing takes place. It is not stated but it is implied that the people who own the corporation are rich whereas the farmers are poor. Christians care about all people. Even the rich. Even the rich sinners. Even rich sinners who got rich by exploiting others. Like ‘what’s his name’, it starts with a Z.

• “Should be able to control seed distribution” A little implied untruth helps. This makes it sound like Monsanto controls all seed distribution. They only control their own property.
• “The Farmer’s right to save seed’s” It helps to throw in the word right. If something is a right it is inalienable. Stealing is not a right. If you don’t want to pay Monsanto don’t use their property.

• “or the food supply chain” very scary and it makes you angry that anyone would even think of trying to control the food supply chain. If you want to convince people to do something they would not normally do, in this case steal, make them angry and scared. Their higher reasoning functions shut down. It has been used many times before.

• “…true capitalism..” The writer knows the importance of capitalism to so many good things so to justify the abrogation of the rule of law and property rights he must convince himself that this is not really capitalism. It may or not be capitalism but it is still stealing.

• “100 years..” Christians are very good at long term thinking. We study events that happened thousands of years ago and we prepare for events that will take place in the infinite future. Our connection to the long term is so strong that whether something is good or bad in the long term is usually the final arbiter of goodness or badness. I would say that if you want to get people to do bad things you say something like ‘we don’t eat in the long run we eat every day’. I’m glad to see this preacher is thinking long term even if it was long term past. What Christians need to think about is what the world will look like 100 years in the future if we allow people to steal.

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2 Responses to An example of everything that has ever been wrong with Christianity for the last 1983 (approximately) years.

  1. Donny says:

    I read the rant too. What I understood, from other sources, was that the farmers were not growing Monsanto seeds in their own fields. Their grain was pollinated by bees from other farm fields that grew Monsanto grain. Monsanto took these farmers to court saying that they could not use their own seed because it had been cross pollinated with the Monsanto genes in the grain. The have won millions in so called damages through the courts.
    They have now developed seed that grow grains which if a pesky bee dares lands on it for pollen, will kill the bees witn 5 days. No bees, no problem. Europe has banned certain Monsato product because it suspects They have been killing off their bee population.
    Monsanto is also trying to make it illegal to grow your own plants from what is called ‘heritage’ plants.
    I look at what was initially ranted and the comments that followed as not complete as to give a full understanding of the situation. I just happen to know some of the background because of my wife’s keen interest in this subject. She has to be careful with what she eats and has done a lot of research into the ‘why’ of these things. It is amazing what Monsanto and others have been allowed to do with our food.

    • First let us agree that Monsanto is run by selfish sinners. Let us also agree as Christians that the people who report on Monsanto are also selfish sinners and the farmers who say they are not using Monsanto seeds are also selfish sinners.
      Second, this is not about Monsanto. It is about stealing. The original rant was about farmers having the right to ‘use their own seed’. They do not have that right if the seed comes from Monsanto grown seed. All these ‘Monsanto is evil’ stories are just people justifying their evil deeds by claiming that the victim is even more evil than they. You can take out seeds and put in music take out Monsanto and put in Sony it is the same argument.

      By the way, if I read between the lines of your comment there are a couple of points I can make. Europe suspects that Monsanto is killing the Bees? That sentence speaks volumes to me. Europe is not science deficient. If they can’t prove it then it is probably not happening. Also you said that Monsanto won in a court of law. So you are saying that the ‘it was the bees’ crowd can not prove their case in court but I am supposed to believe them.

      I need to reiterate, this is not about the evils of Monsanto. It is about what we as Christians do with that information. Do we hate them. Do we support those who want to steal from them? Because stealing from them is what this is about. It is not about Bees.

      Pagans love to hate. They love to hate them and it doesn’t matter who the them are. The people in the ‘ain’t Monsanto evil’ crowd are there because they don’t have the true religion. They want to think that all the problems in the world are caused by something other than sin so they can sin and still feel self righteous. The problem with the world is sin whether it is lying cheating corporations or lying cheating political activists or lying cheating farmers.

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