The largest part of the earthly benefit that we receive because we have God as our Father we get by following his advice.

Remember, we are God’s children but we are his adult children. When my daughter was in elementary school she would occasionally come to me and say “Dad, Friday is pizza day at school. Can I have five dollars for pizza?” If I only had a ten dollar bill I would give it to her and tell her to ask her mother if she has change. I have a daughter who is very much an adult. She doesn’t come to me and say “Dad, Friday is my wedding day and I want to buy a house. Can I have 5…hundred…thousand dollars.” And I don’t pull a million dollar bill out of my wallet and say “go ask your mother if she has change.” Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t help my daughter buy a house if I were in that position. I would be willing to ‘help’. But for sure I would be willing to giver her advice. I’ve bought four houses so far in my life. A good friend tells of helping his daughter buy a house. He inspected the house and so did the father of his daughter’s husband. That is how adults interact with each other.

So like I said ‘most of the (earthly) benefit that we will receive from having God as our father we will get by following his advice.’

What is God’s advice? God gives us lots of advice but start with the big ten: Thou shalt not have any gods before me, Thou shalt not make graven images, Thou shalt not ….

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