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The largest part of the earthly benefit that we receive because we have God as our Father we get by following his advice.

Remember, we are God’s children but we are his adult children. When my daughter was in elementary school she would occasionally come to me and say “Dad, Friday is pizza day at school. Can I have five dollars for pizza?” … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

Did a talk on the Ten Commandments for our church youth group and got a bit of an epiphany. Read the second part of the second commandment. “You shall have no other gods beforea me. 4“You shall not make for … Continue reading

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There are many differences between men and women. (and your point is?)

It’s easy to criticize, that’s why I do it; I’m lazy. It really bugs me when Christian leaders do and say things that shame Christ and his Church. One way they do this is by not being wise as serpents … Continue reading

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