How to not treat God like an idol

The two previous blogs deal with three ways that people treat God like an idol.
• Make him into the kind of God that we want
• Treat God as if he is a seller and you are the buyer
• Follow God only to get eternal life – which God seems to be okay with.

Another way that we Christians treat God as if he were an idol is by seeing him as a short cut to material ends. We treat God as if he were magic and if only we could find the right words to say or say them in the right way God will magically do our bidding. I have a lot of trouble believing that this is a correct way to treat God.

God is the way to a long healthy materially prosperous life. But he is the long way. I believe that everything that God has told us to do in the Bible is a way to achieve a long healthy etc. life. Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly. The LORD of the Old Testament also wanted his followers to have life to the full but not by magic. The way for people to have long prosperous lives is for everyone to obey the rules.

How does this apply to us? Don’t pray to God for magic help. Don’t pray for a better job, make yourself more employable. Don’t pray for friends, be friendly, and so on. There are so many ways that this principle runs through everything that we do and believe that it could fill a book and should.

More on this later

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