What is the Bible all about? First things First.

Back on April 2nd I asked ‘what is the Bible all about’.  There is a theme I believe but first some honesty.  I would like to think that I’m an original thinker, highly creative, maybe even a genius.  The problem is that if I am such a genius why have I have changed some of my opinions over the years?  Was I wrong then or now? Being a preternaturally proud person I am forced to engage an ego defense; That is what I was taught’ I say to myself, or ‘it was the spirit of the times’. The trouble with that ego defense is that it means that if I am right it is probably also because of how I was taught or because I picked up the spirit of the times. Sadly most of our opinions are the result of influences that are beyond our control. That is why someone very wise once said ‘Judge not lest Ye also be Judged’. (Is it just me or does the Bible just sound cooler in king James)

An example of spiritual opinions shaped by circumstances is my opinion of ‘guidance’. Was anyone else taught to seek God’s guidance? It involved praying and then seeing what happened. I’m not sure of the Biblical basis for ‘guidance’ but it is what I was taught. In my case, many times when I overcame an obstacle things turned out badly. Now I take obstacles as signs from God to not go that way. I have learned to take No for an answer. Am I right? I’ll bet there are many Christians who have stories of overcoming obstacles and things turning out well. Who is right? I don’t know but I live by what I’ve experienced.  The point is that we are all influenced by our experiences. Me,you and everybody may be wrong but it is because we have been lead astray by circumstances.  Or we may be right and the is circumstances also.  Circumstances in this context includes how our Brains are wired. Both nature and nurture affect how we think.

And for us Christians, the Holy Spirit is constantly at work. Some of our opinions are the result of God’s gentil molding.  (Not to say this or any of my opinions are the work of the Holy Spirit I’m just saying that the Holy Spirit is at work.)

I said all that just to say that I have an idea about the theme of the Bible. I may be wrong but it is a wrongness that I have come by honestly.

Humility is the key to everything.

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