Hate is fake Love


Why do we humans hate each other?  I mean by groups. I can understand hating someone who has wronged you individually but why by the group.  Why by the nation or race?


I have a theory. I believe that the deepest desire of the human heart is to connect with another human being and even better a group of human beings.  When we connect as individuals we often call this love when we connect as groups we call it patriotism or some other word that essentially means I love, and am loved by, the whole group.


Sadly, love is hard to come by in this sinful world of ours so we substitute hate. Hate is not as good as love and is ultimately self destructive but sometimes it is all we have. Hate allows us to again be part of a group. If all of us who hate someone else stick together then it is sort of like love. The big problem occurs when the hateful group wins. They no longer have someone to hate so they no longer feel loved. So they turn on each other.


That is why Jesus brings peace. If we can learn real love then we don’t need the fake stuff.

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