The Kindness Problem

Just in case I’m not the only person to read this, I have a question for cyberspace. How do you deal with the kindness problem?

As Christians we endeavor to be kind and to teach our children to also be kind. Today my high school age daughter was telling me about some of her friends. This one talks to much about herself and that one always has to be right. Because she is kind she always listens politely and as her reward she probably has more than her share of friends whose social skills make it difficult for them to have friends. 

So when is it kind to tell someone they talk too much and more broadly when is it kind to point out habits that may hinder a person socially.

What if it is something that they can’t change?

I’m not a fan of ‘be cruel to be kind’ yet I know that there were many things I wish people had told me and yet maybe they tried and I didn’t listen because the telling wasn’t with enough emotional strength to make an impression.

Any ideas.

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