Thou shalt (still) have no other Gods before me

I saw a video of Michio Kaku being interviewed. Among other things he talked about a multi-universe theory of quantum mechanics that states that every time a particle has a choice it takes both (or more) choices and spawns a new universe around that choice. Any regular reader of science fiction immediately knows what I’m talking about and everyone else is thinking ‘what the expletive’. Without explaining it any more lets just say that the theory means that there are as many universes as there are particles in the universe times the number of seconds (or smaller unit of time) since the big bang. That is a very big number.
In this video Michio Kaku admitted to a certain spirituality. It was based on the beauty of the equations that describe the universe. But then he said he didn’t believe in a personal god who listened to every prayer “God please bring me a bicycle”.
The first point is that what we usually call reasons are not reasons but excuses. Let’s be up front about it. Second Dr. Kaku is making the same mistake as the ancients. He is imagining God in a vaguely human form and it is not possible for that God to listen to every prayer of every person on earth. Don’t make that mistake. There is nothing higher than YHWH. If every quantum choice of every quantum particle from the big bang (or even before) spawned a new universe and on every star of every universe there was a planet full of something that God considered people that would be a lot of people. But it would not be an infinite number of people and by definition (mine at least) God is infinite.
God has dominion over:
Time – Don’t ask what God was doing before he made man. God invented time. There was no before. And not being subject to time makes it very easy for God to have the personal relationship with each person that the Bible says that he does.
Space – if space is the correct word to use for this doctrine. Jesus can be fully God and fully man.
Mathematics – God is one and Jesus can be God and the Holy Spirit can be God and God can still be one. Yes it is hard to understand but did you expect physics to be hard to understand and the God who made physics to be easy to understand?
Biology – Jesus can be God’s son and he doesn’t need a wife.
Logic – God can create a God that is not inferior to Himself.
Us – It doesn’t matter if you don’t like that God will put people in Hell. Or that he doesn’t heal you or make you rich or talk to you. God is still not subject to your opinions. Think about it; would you want to worship a God who was? (I apologize because that last statement actually appeals to pride) On the subject of Hell I also hope that the Biblical Hell is a metaphor for either the destruction of souls or some other convoluted sort of redemption but my opinion doesn’t mater and by the way this world can be pretty hard. Maybe the next is also.

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