Thou shalt have no other Gods before me

Three times I’ve heard or heard of, Christian people say ‘I can’t believe in a God who …’. One of them didn’t like the idea that Jesus wanted out of the cross. It didn’t seem courageous enough for him. Another was not interested in a God who was not actively involved in our lives. Still another could not believe in a God who put people in Hell. These are all cases of people judging God by their own values. In other words they are the judge and God is the supplicant who comes to them for approval. YHWH is God, The “beginning and the end’, The ‘I am’.  I keep coming back to this but you have to be humble to be a Christian.

I saw a video of RC Sproul in which he said ‘that the only thing a God can not do is create another God because the created God would be inferior and therefore not God.’ I’m not arguing with his logic but YHWH is not subject to our logic. YHWH is God not logic. How can God be three and yet one? YHWH is God not mathematics. How God can have a son without a consort? YHWH is God not biology. 

We moderns think that we are so much smarter than the ancients who thought that the gods looked like people and they were limited by time the same as we are and yet we sometimes make the same mistake. We still limit our notion of god by our physical world even as we believe that God created our physical world.

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