Blessed are the Meek.

It happened again tonight. We were discussing the Beatitudes and we got to “Blessed are the meek”.  People hate that one; Who wants to be meek. Since people don’t want to be meek preachers try to skate around it and say it doesn’t really mean meek. They say something like ‘this same Greek work is used to describe Jesus and he cleared the Temple with a whip! Or Moses was also called meek and he did all the stuff that Moses did. Well it does mean meek. There are lots of things about Christianity that we sinners don’t like. No one is forcing us to be Christians.
Be humble. In the kingdom of heaven meek is good. In the kingdom of earth meek is bad. Yes there are times when even the meek have to act ‘not meek’. Jesus acted ‘not meek’ because he loved his father and hated that people were desecrating his house. Moses sometimes acted ‘not meek’ so he could obey God and also for the good of the people he was leading. There are times when Christians are called on to be ‘not meek’ but start with meek. It is like spelling advice a teacher gave around the “i before e except after c” rule. She said first learn the rule and then the exceptions.

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